behind the scenes in The Shoot Coop at tiny farmhouse with some chicken birthday cards and stuffed prop chicks in blue shells

Behind the Scenes in The Shoot Coop

The Shoot Coop is what I've taken to calling the small, mobile chicken coop that's positioned just outside the studio door. Because, well, it's a chicken coop AND I shoot everything for the site in there. All of the things!

My husband made the tabletop surface from the wooden slats of some past-their-prime Adirondack chairs that once sat by the fire pit (we're gonna need some new chairs asap! cannot be robbed of fire pit time!), then set the tabletop up on a couple of sawhorses, and that's all it took to get rolling!

I bought an antique tea towel rack on Etsy specifically for the tea towel shoot, and those fabulous, crazy little chicks in shells came from my friend Mary's Etsy shop - as did the white pitcher, which I've had for a while (Mary has great taste!). The flowers in all of the photos come from our garden, and random props like the antique typewriter had been sitting on an antique toolbox (you know that thing's getting busted out at some point!) on our landing upstairs - actually, if you check out the lemon rows apron, you'll see the whole thing as it normally is in our house.

The Shoot Coop is truly fab - first, it's right here, so I can shoot and reshoot to my heart's content (this is a good thing and a bad thing), and the light is so gorgeous in there once it's not shining directly in, but when I'm on a roll - like when all of the tea towels and aprons were being shot - it can feel a leeettle claustrophobic - shall we say, like being cooped up? (I know, I know. terrible pun!) - after hours and hours inside. 

Still, I'm lucky to have it! And in the case of this crazy video, you legit couldn't have dialed the soundtrack up any better. Thank you, chickens!

behind the scenes look at the shoot coop at Amy McCoy's studio

oh hey! if you're interested in those chicken birthday cards, they're available as a set here