Sustainability is at the core of what we do, and is an ongoing process.

The more we learn, the more we can improve, and we'll always strive to keep learning, adjusting, and making our products in an environmentally responsible way. 

Everything is designed in our solar-powered studio, and solar also powers our home. 

All of the tea towels and aprons are made using eco-friendly inks, no water is used during printing, there are no sudsy residues produced, and all workers are paid a living wage in London, England where our production partner is based.

The paper goods are made here in New England in a facility powered by wind. 

Our note cards are printed on hemp paper, paired with cheery envelopes from a mill that's been using hydropower since 1922 (!).

All of our notebooks are printed using FSC-certified paper and use FSC-certified paper belly bands instead of plastic sleeves. 

Any products that ship in a clear sleeve use clear bags made from vegetable matter that’s 100% compostable.

Our shipping boxes are made from recycled materials, as is the tissue paper we use for packing, and the decorative stickers we use on our boxes are compostable as well.

Please feel free to send questions or share suggestions and thoughts on sustainability with me at

Thank you!