tiny farmhouse amy mccoy about us

Hi there - welcome to tiny farmhouse! I'm glad you’re here!

All of the tiny farmhouse goods you see here are inspired - a lot - by the tiny farmhouse my husband and I live in in southeastern Massachusetts.

We have a big vegetable garden, loads of flowers growing - in with the veggies,  randomly around the yard, and in an actual flower garden.

We keep chickens for their delicious, fresh eggs, my husband keeps bees (and the bees give us some amazing, floral-scented honey), and our rescue pup, a black lab-pointer mix keeps everything in check. She's trained us well! 

I got a bit of a late start in art and design, despite having spent most of my childhood deep into it. I was the first in my family to go to college, and art school seemed like too big a risk at the time. Instead, I studied television, radio, and film production (which, if you know that business, makes not going to art school all the more amusing - pretty much equal risk there!).

While working as a broadcast producer, I started taking continuing education classes at Rhode Island School of Design - I dabbled in hand paper making, Polaroid transfer (and even got a couple of licensing deals for that work before Polaroid went out of business - hard to make the work without the film!), and I also took drawing, 2D design, color theory, oil painting - basically cobbling together a first year art student curriculum - only over the course of about 10 years! 

Polaroid transfers were the last art-thing I had worked on for years, that was back in 2006 or so. Then, during the recession in 2009, I started a food blog, and eventually ended up with a cookbook deal, which WAS very exciting. But not very profitable, though I did continue to write about food right up until very recently. 

All that time when I was food blogging - and producing video - I felt like something was missing. And that something (or actually two somethings!) was drawing and painting.

I took a bunch of Rachael Taylor's surface pattern design classes, then went back to RISD continuing ed to brush up on Photoshop so that I could be a little better at the whole surface pattern design/repeat patterns thing. That all led me to here, to making cute illustrations that I hope put a smile on your face. 

Because the outdoors (and, you know, the planet) is so important to us, I wanted to be sure that my products were doing the least harm possible, so all of the cloth products are printed using eco-friendly inks, and all of the paper is printed on recycled paper.

I create all of the designs here in the studio in our renovated cow barn, and our home and my studio are powered by solar – a dream of mine since my fourth grade science fair project, which was a tiny, solar-powered house!

The science fair home lacked some of the detail of the tiny house we live in today (like, it was made of plywood and had no furniture, so there's that), but kind of like not getting started with your art career until a loooong time after college, I like to think that it says a little something about holding on to your dreams. :) 

Please feel free to say hi or to send questions my way at hello@tinyfarmhouse.com 

Thank you for stopping by and listening to my long-arse about story!