tiny farmhouse amy mccoy about us

Hi there - welcome to tiny farmhouse! I'm glad you’re here!

All of the tiny farmhouse goods you see here are inspired - a lot - by the tiny farmhouse my husband and I live in in southeastern Massachusetts.

We have a big vegetable garden, loads of flowers growing all over the place, they’re in with the veggies, randomly around the yard, and even in an actual flower garden.

We keep chickens for their delicious, fresh eggs, and for the lovely colored shells, my husband keeps bees who provide us amazing, floral-scented honey, and our rescue pup, a black lab-pointer mix keeps everything in check. She's trained us well! 

Because the outdoors (and, you know, the planet) is so important to us, I wanted to be sure that my products were doing the least harm possible, so all of the cloth products are printed using eco-friendly inks, and all of the paper is printed on recycled paper.

I create all of the designs here in the studio in our renovated cow barn, and our home and my studio are powered by solar – a dream of mine since my middle school science fair project, which was a tiny, solar-powered house!

The science fair home lacked some of the detail of the tiny house we live in today (like, it was made of plywood and had no furniture, so there's that), but who knew there’d be so much foreshadowing in one science fair submission!  

Please feel free to say hi or to send questions my way at hello@tinyfarmhouse.com 

Thank you for stopping by!