Take the beach day vibe with you - to your own house, to your beach-loving friend's house as a "hey! great to see you! I didn't forget that you love the beach!" gift - to the actual beach where you can enjoy lunch while using your very meta tea towel-slash-picnic napkin, to the lake (similar meta thing going on there), or to the park (where it's more like you just love the beach and picnics). 

You get the idea. Handy for lots of things, cheery in all cases. And beachy. We like beachy. 

  • 100% cotton
  • printed using eco-friendly inks with fabrics sourced from REACH-compliant mills*
  • machine wash in lukewarm water
  • line drying recommended
  • do not bleach
  • Designed in Massachusetts, USA
  • Manufactured in London, England


  • 26 ¾ x 18 7/8 inches (67x48cm)

*REACH is an EU regulation regarding production and use of chemicals and their impact on human health and the environment